Tag: Positive Displacement Flow Meter

  • MAX Machinery Flow Meter

    MAX Machinery Flow Meter designs, manufactures, calibrates, and refurbishes high accuracy, high resolution, precision liquid flow meters from California, USA. A precision liquid flow meter that MAX provides made from the positive displacement principle (piston flowmeter, gear flow meter, and helical flow meter). MAX Machinery product has 3 types. They are: MAX Machinery Flow Meter… Read more

  • Mechatronics Eurosens Direct 1500 Gear Flow Meter

    Mechatronics Eurosens Direct 1500 are designed for measuring diesel fuel consumption in engines of vehicles, boats, die-sel generators, boilers, burners and other consumers of liquid fuel. Mechatronics Eurosens Direct 1500 Feature High‐precision measurement Built‐in temperature compensation High corrosion resistance Strong electronic circuit protection Sealed automobile connector on sensor body Magnetic field immunity   Another Article:… Read more

  • Mechatronics Eurosens Direct

    Mechatronics Eurosens Direct  fuel consumption sensors are designed to measure fuel consumption of diesel engines or other consumers in the range from 1 to 1500 liters per hour. Direct flowmeters have a wide range of modifications, (100, 250, 500, 1500 liters per hour), can have a built-in display and different output interfaces. There are versions… Read more

  • Kofloc OFZ Oval Gear Flow Meter

    Kofloc OFZ Oval Gear Flow Meter is such that a pair of oval gears are integrated into an elliptical measurement chamber Oval gears rotate due to the difference in pressure between inlet and outlet sides, the liquid-equivalent to the space formed by the measurement chamber and oval gears is discharged and measurement is performed Magnet… Read more

  • VSE EF Ecoflow Aluminium Gear Flow Meter

    VSE EF Ecoflow Aluminium Gear Flow Meter As a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to the VS volume sensor, we have launched the VSE EF eco-flow series onto the market. The VSE EF eco-flow aluminum flow meter uses the same gearwheel pairs as in the VS. The rotation of the flow meter gear wheels is sensed… Read more